Kind Words

Some compliments from some of our clients

"Having Camilla as our birth doula was one of the best decisions we made for the birth of our daughter. As a first time mom, I was pretty overwhelmed by all of the choices to be made throughout the pregnancy and by the conflicting schools of thought regarding birth practices. The one thing that I knew for sure was that we were totally new to all of this and that having the continuous support of a trained doula--and particularly Camilla who has over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the birth world--would ease my anxiety, help my husband to feel empowered and help us make our birth experience the best it could be. My labor was long and there were some challenging complications, but Camilla's support made all the difference for me and my family. I'm so incredibly grateful for Camilla's loving, confident support throughout the labor and during the even more challenging postpartum period. I just don't think we could've done it without her and I wouldn't want to! "


Camilla is a master at her craft. Her passion towards birthing is apparent in the grace and depth of knowledge she holds throughout each step, from pregnancy, birth, to postpartum.  As first-time parents, she radiated a confidence and ease into what can seem like a frightening and overwhelming transition. We felt held, heard, and reassured by her calm, thorough, and grounded way of guiding us. She is a true gem, an angel!   


Camilla was an integral part of the birth of both of my daughters. She provided support both physical and emotional. With the first, Camilla provided unwavering and invaluable support as I navigated my difficult pregnancy and last minute challenges of a breech presentation. Post-birth, Camilla was constantly available, helping me through first-time mama jitters, giving me crucial help with a baby that had difficulty latching on, a rash that wouldn't go away, and even organizing friends to deliver meals.

With our second daughter, we experienced a very different pregnancy and birth that ended in my daughter being hospitalized after aspirating meconium during our hospital birth. With Camilla’s support, I was able to birth this baby with no drugs. This was no small task, as the baby was late, large, and my labor was long, arduous, and incredibly painful. Camilla soothed me through every breath, push, and pain to give me the gift of natural childbirth. It was such an amazing and powerful journey.

I would highly recommend Camilla's services to any mom-to-be and her family. Her depth of knowledge, caring, and understanding provides so much more than traditional birthing services. Camilla is wise, spiritual, giving and powerful. I recommend that you bring her mama/baby magic into your birth experience.

-Jess N.

Camilla’s wisdom and knowledge on prenatal and postnatal care is amazingly insightful and beyond helpful. She gave me the confidence and strength to fully experience my home birth and the first few months as a new mom. She is dedicated and passionate. Camilla helped counsel me though the first few weeks postpartum with changes in hormone balance, depression, and baby colic. She has a holistic approach toward all pre and post-natal care. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks guidance in birth and post-natal care. Camilla, you have my endless gratitude from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for my family, and me.

-Blakley SR.

I cannot imagine the birth of my last child without Camilla. Not only was she reliable, calm, and professional, she was ready to be with me until the end of the labor and beyond. It was vastly reassuring to know that Camilla, with her extensive experience, was with me consistently at the hospital where unknown staff members came and went during the birth process. Camilla knew my wishes to have a natural birth. She was able to communicate with the staff in a friendly, professional manner. My husband and I were obviously very distracted and knowing that Camilla was there to help us navigate the changing circumstances of labor was so comforting. Every time I looked in Camilla’s eyes during my labor; the kindness, encouragement and wisdom I encountered carried me through it all. At one point during the birth my labor stalled, I didn’t want to get things moving as I was exhausted but Camilla was able to facilitate movement and new positions that the hospital staff wouldn’t have had success asking me to do. I trusted Camilla’s extensive knowledge and experience so I did what she asked! It worked! Having that trust and belief that someone is looking out for your best interest let’s you be fully present. 

Camilla should be your doula. There was no one better than Camilla helping in my husband and myself before, during and after my labor. Our bond to this day, is very dear to me. My son, now 10, still asks about her and loves to hear his birth story with his guardian angel, Camilla right there the whole time.  There truly aren’t words to voice how amazing my recommendation is for her as a doula and as a supportive, safe, and loving birth worker. She is knowledgeable in pregnancy, birth, delivery, and will help make your experience smooth, comfortable, and even enjoyable. For first time parents she is essential, and for experienced parents, Camilla will make your pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience better than you can imagine. Camilla makes the experience feel more relaxed and increases the confidence of the mother and father. Everyone will be happier if she is there.

Camilla is the most badass doula you will ever meet. She is a fierce advocate of birth wisdom, common sense, and love in all its forms. She will advocate for you, your baby, your husband and you will never regret the day you hired her. Guaranteed!

-Jessica G.

Camilla attended the homebirth of our first daughter, Willow. It was a cold winter night in our mesa home where we labored by moon and candle light waiting for the arrival of our sweet baby girl. Camilla was assisting our midwife. She was present, calming, and knowledgeable as I experienced the discomfort, uncertainties, and joys of my first birth. Camilla has the gift for intuitively understanding the needs of a pregnant and laboring woman. She also has a generous and kind way of nurturing mothers, children, and the new baby. She brings quiet compassion, caring, knowledge, and grounded energy. We were blessed to have her loving energy in our home to welcome our sweet new child.

-Deidra and Willy K.

Camilla was my Doula for the birth of my second child born June, 2017.  Choosing her as my support during my labor and delivery was the best choice for our family. I wish that I had used her services for my first pregnancy and birth, as that experience had left me very anxious and scared to experience birth again.  Camilla has a vast knowledge base, loving presence, and innate wisdom with childbirth. I doubt that there is any birthing experience she has not seen. She eased all of my worries with labor and was essential to making the birthing experience a positive one, for both my husband and myself. Everyone has hopes for what the birthing experience will be.  As we were faced with changing circumstances during the labor, Camilla fully supported my decision to use induction and pain meds during the labor of my son. Camilla listened and held space for me while giving me the support I needed to navigate all the decisions, the pain, and the birth itself. 

 Her greatest quality is her relaxed presence, and her peace within the space and a deep understanding of the most intense experience of your life.

-Lauren W.

Camilla was amazing leading up to, during, and following the birth of our second child.  She was present, grounded and attentive.  She was available for all questions and concerns and checked in consistently prior to labor. I was past due, and ended up delivering at St. Mary’s Hospital about 8 days late.  My anxiety was lessened knowing that she was doing everything she could to support my husband and myself.  The day I went into labor, I had an appointment with my midwife midday.  My midwife decided to sweep my cervix as a way to naturally induce labor.  Camilla and our family live about 2.5 hours from my midwife and hospital, but Camilla insisted that she come down in case I went into labor after the appointment.  Sure enough, I did and she was there with us as we checked into the hospital.  Her presence was calming and her use of the tens unit helped me cope with the intense pain.  My labor and delivery was quick, but she stayed with us through the latching process and until we were moved to our room five hours later.  After we returned home, she checked in with us several times and came by for a follow up visits.  I couldn't recommend Camilla more. 

-Natalie C


"Camilla's support made all the difference for me and my family."


"We felt held and reassured by her calm, thorough and grounded way of guiding us."