Breastfeeding Support

Helping to establish a nourishing bond

Lactation Consultation is perfect for new moms who are seeking in-person assistance with breastfeeding. Basic breastfeeding consultations are done in the privacy of your own home or my office and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Camilla is a Certified Lactation Counselor with the American Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. She offers hands-on support and education that encourages early initiation and increased duration of breastfeeding with your newborns.


Initial Visit (1.5 – 2 hours) includes:

  • Review of maternal and infant health history, birth and breastfeeding experience to date
  • Physical assessment including mother’s breasts and baby’s oral and structural anatomy
  •  Weight check for baby
  •  Observation, assessment and hands-on assistance while feeding
  •  A personalized and detailed breastfeeding care plan
  •  A report to the mother’s physician and/or baby’s pediatrician, in some cases
  • Two weeks of follow-up care via text, email and/or phone as related to initial issue


Breastfeeding consulations forms available for download here

Follow-up Visits (45 min – 1 hour)

may be necessary/desired. These include:

  • Assessment of progress
  • Weight check for baby
  • Re-evaluation and updating of care plan
  • A report to the mother’s physician and/or baby’s pediatrician, in some cases
  • Two weeks of follow-up care via text, email and/or phone


Lactation Consultation

$100 first visit / $75 each additional visits

Services include:

  • Assessment of positioning and latch.
  • Gauge adequate milk transfer.
  • Calculate if baby is gaining weight appropriately.
  • Troubleshooting of breastfeeding or pumping issues.

Assistance with common issues that may arise such as:

  • Suggestions and techniques to alleviate sore nipples.
  • Show you when your baby is latched and feeding well.
  • Suggestions for how to achieve an abundant milk      supply.
  • Address any breastfeeding concerns.
  • Following your consultation you will receive a copy of the lactation report, notes from your visit, and any recommendations or resources to help you at home.

In addition to offering basic breastfeeding support, I can help with:


  • Positioning and latch problems that may be contributing to pain or milk transfer issues
  •  Sore or damaged nipples before, during and/or after a feed
  •  Engorgement discomfort and subsequent latch challenges
  •  Infant weight loss or slow gain
  •  Sleepy babies
  •  Babies who seem fussy all the time
  •  Blocked ducts and/or Mastitis
  •  Feeding with a history of breast surgery
  •  Large, flat or inverted nipples
  •  Low milk supply
  •  Overactive let-down and/or fast flow
  •  Thrush
  •   Feeding challenges due to gestational age at birth
  •  Tongue restriction/Tongue-tie
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Pumping
  • Bottle refusal
  • Returning to work